A Letter to the New England Governors in Support of Offshore Wind:

TO: Governor Ned Lamont, Governor Janet Mills, Governor Charlie Baker, Governor Chris Sununu, Governor Gina Raimondo, and Governor Phil Scott


RE: Offshore Wind for New England

As businesses, business associations, and investors with significant operations in New England, we write to express our support for policies and programs that encourage the expansion of responsibly-developed offshore wind in our region.

Offshore wind is the single biggest lever we can pull to meet New England’s climate goals, respond to the climate crisis, and address our economy’s energy needs.

The potential economic benefits of offshore wind cannot be overstated. The industry could create thousands of jobs, establish our region as a hub for clean-tech development and deployment, expand the market for local renewables, and save ratepayers billions of dollars. 

With many of our region’s old oil and coal-fired power plants likely to retire over the next decade, there is a growing gap between future supply and future demand of electricity.  Meanwhile, the demand on our grid will continue to grow as we  move to electrify transportation and heating. The success of our corporate sustainability goals and the states’ climate goals depend on the supply of clean energy.  We urge you to fill the gap by supporting more offshore wind procurements.

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