New England for Offshore Wind and Black Economic Council of Massachusetts co-hosted Empowering Communities with Offshore Wind: How a Community Benefits Agreement Can Bring Positive Change, a two-part webinar series shedding light on the vital topic of Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) in offshore wind development. 

“Community Benefits Agreements build critical support for infrastructure, jobs, education, resiliency, and public needs and establish an important commitment to offshore wind infrastructure and project deployments that strengthen our regional economy, protect ratepayers and improve public health,” said Kelt Wilska, Offshore Wind Director at Environmental League of Massachusetts and Regional Lead of New England for Offshore Wind. “We’re excited to advance the conversation about the power of CBAs and the critical need to ensure they deliver equitable outcomes for the communities affected by offshore wind deployment.”  

Part I: Offshore Wind Community Benefits Agreements Today – April 18, 2024

Part I of the series explored the current landscape of offshore wind project and port infrastructure CBAs. Participants gained insights into the purpose and components of these agreements and panelists shared perspectives on the local impact and importance of collaboration in fostering sustainable offshore wind development. 


Download this PDF to click through and read the official language for recent CBAs related to offshore wind.

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