An Open Letter for Offshore Wind

The astounding potential of offshore wind is becoming increasingly clear.  If built in a timely and responsible way, offshore wind will reduce millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions. It is a potential game changer for New England’s climate goals.  It could unlock thousands of dignity-conferring jobs in parts of New England that have been left behind.  And it is a cost saving alternative to new fossil fuel infrastructure.

However, offshore wind needs more coordinated advocacy to develop at the pace that the urgency of the climate crisis requires. There is widespread need for more public education about offshore wind – and reinforcement that it can be designed to co-exist with other ocean uses that we also value.

Responsibly-developed offshore wind is essential, but it is not inevitable.  With the federal government denying climate change and the negative impacts already upon us, it is time to work across New England to implement actionable solutions. As Benjamin Franklin said, “We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

Collaborative action creates economies of scale, reduces costs, facilitates long-range planning, de-risks investments, and enables uniformly higher standards for marine habitat protections and environmental justice. Collaborative action also sends a clear signal that New England is all-in on offshore wind and warrants the investments in headquarters, jobs, and infrastructure that could make us a global powerhouse in this remarkable climate solution.

We write to invite you to add your organization’s name to a broad and growing regional coalition, New England for Offshore Wind.

Our goals:

  • Build public support to enable offshore wind projects to come online in a timely, responsible way
  • Drive governors and legislatures to support regional collaboration and more offshore wind

Please consider joining us!

New England for Offshore Wind Coalition Partners