NE4OSW Partner Elders Climate Action Launches OSW Awareness Study in Holyoke, Mass.

Contact: Michael Sales, Elders Climate Action – MA,


New England for Offshore Wind (NE4OSW) partner Elders Climate Action MA Chapter is conducting a new study of offshore wind awareness in the Holyoke, Mass., area. 

New England for Offshore Wind is a broad-based coalition of environmental organizations, academic institutions, businesses and business associations, and labor unions that aims to drive regional collaboration and increased commitments to responsibly developed offshore wind in New England. We were founded in 2020 and have grown to 100+ orgs aligned on our mission to strengthen our regional economy, protect ratepayers, improve public health by reducing pollution, and create high-quality jobs and equitable access to economic opportunity. Offshore wind is a reliable renewable energy resource. If widely implemented, it would be a game-changer for the New England grid – allowing us to address the climate crisis, meet our future energy needs, and grow our economy simultaneously. Offshore wind is cost-effective and would lower utilities costs for Bay Staters all while making an investment in the future well-being of our state.

ECA chose Holyoke for its long and storied history as an industrial city, the diversity of its population and workforce and the potential impact of climate change on the city, e.g., flood related risks

“ECA believes that community members across Massachusetts must understand and support the offshore wind investments needed to develop offshore wind to its full potential. The new industry has the potential to create family sustaining union jobs while also addressing atmospheric pollution and mitigating the adverse health consequences of climate change, especially for children. While there is much to be learned, research indicates that offshore wind’s benefits can be achieved with no or minimal impact on wildlife habitats and nature more generally,” said Michael Sales, member, ECA.

If you live in or have connections in the Holyoke area, please contact us at We plan to conduct informational interviews from May 2024 – July 2024 to better understand the sentiments, thoughts, and attitudes towards offshore wind in this region. The completed report will be available to all who participate in this endeavor when it is completed in either late 2024 or early 2025.