Harness the Game-changer

Offshore wind is the game-changer for the New England grid. It is the single biggest lever that we can pull to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and grow the economy at the same time. Offshore wind can also be developed in ways that co-exist with the other ocean uses we value, such as protecting the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale. 

The six New England states share one electricity grid. Working together, we can create a cleaner energy future than if each state worked alone. Together, we can also drive economies of scale and create exciting new clean energy jobs.

Once deployed at scale, offshore wind will finally end the call for new natural gas and pipeline infrastructure.

New England for Offshore Wind’s goals are:

  • Build public support to enable offshore wind projects to come online in a timely, responsible way
  • Drive governors and legislatures to support regional collaboration and more offshore wind

The Benefits


With offshore wind spinning at scale, New England would see tremendous environmental benefits. We would expect to see a carbon dioxide emission reduction of millions of metric tons per year. This would be the equivalent of taking several million cars off the road.

Nearly all of New England’s older coal and oil generators will be unable to compete. Dirty power plants will retire, for good. Older coal and oil-fired power plants typically have significant negative health and other impacts on environmental justice communities, children, and other vulnerable populations.

Offshore wind can silence the fossil fuel industry’s argument that we need more natural gas pipelines for winter reliability.


Offshore wind projects create jobs, add to the tax base, grow the regional economy and provide energy rate stability.

If allowed to scale in New England, offshore wind will create thousands of jobs and save ratepayers billions of dollars. For example, the 800 MW Vineyard Wind project contracted in 2018 is expected to create at least 3,700 jobs. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ own analysis forecasts saving ratepayers more than $1.4 billion over 20 years. Offshore wind power will protect consumers from unpredictable power price spikes year round.

New England can be a vibrant hub for cleantech development. Our experiences and innovations can accelerate offshore wind deployment around the world.

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