Massachusetts for Offshore Wind

In the face of climate change, the race is on to decarbonize our energy system and to seize the associated economic opportunities. In 2016, Governor Baker signed the Act to Promote Energy Diversity — the nation’s first offshore wind procurement bill. The state currently has a total offshore wind procurement authorization of 5,600 megawatts (MW), which is enough to power nearly 3 million homes. Half of this authorization has been set in two contracts with the developers Vineyard Wind and Mayflower Wind, and the next solicitation is expected in 2022.

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Open Letter to Governor Baker

Open Letter to Governor Baker

A diverse group of advocates and institutions are troubled by the language related to offshore wind in Governor Baker’s January 14th letter vetoing the Next Generation Climate Bill.

Massachusetts will need to bring a lot more offshore wind and other clean energy resources online as we electrify transportation and heating and transition away from fossil fuels. Several analyses have shown that offshore wind will be the linchpin of Massachusetts’ decarbonization strategy – it will likely provide around 50% of our state’s power by 2050. Doing so effectively and efficiently will require meaningful collaboration with our New England neighbors who share our electricity grid. Massachusetts is well-positioned to lead this regional collaboration on offshore wind as we look toward our decarbonized future.

The Astonishing Potential of Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is the single biggest lever that Massachusetts can pull to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and grow the economy – at the same time.

Elizabeth Henry, the President of the Environmental League of Massachusetts, outlines her goal to race towards the horizon — and create a tipping point in the market for offshore wind. Already, it is 80% cheaper to harness wind offshore than it was a decade ago. A very different way to power our lives, and create the jobs of the future, is within reach.

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