Offshore Wind is a Game-Changer for New England

This reliable renewable energy resource is a game-changer for the New England grid. It is our best chance to address the climate crisis, meet our future energy needs, and grow our economy simultaneously. Watch the video to learn more!

The Potential of Offshore Wind

New England is uncommonly well positioned to harness the full potential of offshore wind.

  • We have a densely populated coast with high energy demand near shore and the shallow water on our continental shelf is ideal for turbines.
  • The wind off our coast is stronger than almost anywhere in the world—and it is strongest and most consistent during the winter when we most need energy for heating.
  • Offshore wind is New England’s best chance for new sources of renewable energy. The technical potential of offshore wind in New England is enough to power our region ten times over.

Environmental Benefits

With offshore wind spinning at scale, New England would see tremendous environmental benefits. We would expect to see carbon dioxide emission reduction of millions of metric tons per year—the equivalent of taking several million cars off the road.

Offshore wind can also be developed in a responsible way that respects our local communities, our environment, and our wildlife—and it should be. Climate change presents enormous threats to birds, whales, and other wildlife both offshore and on land.  By incorporating wildlife monitoring and mitigation, offshore wind can be developed responsibly and help ensure the protection of natural resources.

As the cost of offshore wind continues to fall, New England’s old coal and oil power plants will be unable to compete. Dirty power plants will retire, for good. Replacing these plants with offshore wind will reduce pollution and improve air quality, a significant public health concern for our most vulnerable communities.

This transition away from fossil fuels to clean energy is essential in our fight against climate change. All New England states are aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 80% or more below 1990 levels by 2050—we can’t get there without offshore wind. Responsibly developed offshore wind can help us meet our climate targets, and more.

Economic Benefits

The economic potential of offshore wind is astounding—it’s a $100 billion industry waiting to happen. An analysis by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) found that this industry would bring 83,000 jobs and deliver $25 billion per year by 2030 in economic output in the US. The level of economic benefits and jobs we would see in New England from this industry would increase if we send a strong market signal and attract investments in a local supply chain for offshore wind, which will provide an important job transition opportunity for our existing energy workforce.

The economic picture of offshore wind gets stronger as the cost declines—the cost of offshore wind has already decreased nearly 80% in the US, and the cost will continue to fall. And, since it is immune to the price spikes that plague fossil fuels like oil and natural gas, over time offshore wind power will save ratepayers tens of billions of dollars.

New England can be a vibrant hub for clean-tech development. Our experience and innovations can accelerate offshore wind deployment around the world.

Our Vision

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