New England for Offshore Wind Aims To

  • Drive governors and legislatures to support regional collaboration and more offshore wind procurements, building the political will to power every home in New England with offshore wind
  • Build public support to enable offshore wind projects to come online in a timely, responsible way

When we succeed:

  • New England will be at the forefront of offshore wind energy development in the United States, providing thousands of high quality jobs to the region.
  • The New England states will be on track to meeting our emissions reduction targets.
  • Clean energy will out-compete fossil fuels, forcing dirty power plants to close while creating job transition opportunities and reducing pollution that has negative health impacts on vulnerable communities.
  • Offshore wind will provide the clean energy supply needed to electrify our transportation and heating systems as well as protect ratepayers from unpredictable price spikes year round.
  • New England will serve as the leading example in how to successfully implement an equitable roadmap towards carbon neutrality and combat climate change.

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